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DivIT Accounting & Business Office Services

Using our Technology to Manage Your Information

We are your Division IT

DivIT LLC provides accounting and business related services for small businesses. We invest in the technology and staff needed to maintain all of your information.

We have experienced staff and a proven accounting system. We set up a separate database for each client. We protect you from two of the biggest problems facing small businesses – Employee Turnover and Keeping up with Technology. We maintain the staff and the technology to ensure that your data is properly entered, stored, reported and protected.

About Us

DivIT LLC was formed in 2003. It stands for Division IT. We share staff and technology between several businesses to make those investments more cost effective. We utilize Dexter and Chaney’s Spectrum Accounting system which is a powerful Construction Accounting System.

We have clients who just need basic business services and don’t want the expense of maintaining a staff or office space. Other clients have the staff, but need an accounting system that will help them track their job and equipment costs.

Although our specialty is in construction accounting, we also have clients outside of that industry who just want consistency and proficiency in their accounting. We provide that stability as well as ensure that their data isn’t going to disappear with the next hard drive failure.


Business Office

We can take care of your basic business needs — invoicing your customers, depositing your receipts, and making sure your bills get paid. We provide you with financial statements structured appropriately for your business.

Job Costing

Do you want to be able to track your expenses by project or job, but your accounting software doesn’t have that capability? Ours Does! We can work with you to determine how you want to track your information and provide you with the tools to really know the profitability of your projects.

Document Imaging

Our accounting system has integrated document imaging. So, we will be digitally archiving your documents instead of hand filing them. We have the capability to easily retrieve you documents and in some areas even send you electronic reports allowing you to access your images right from the report

Consulting Services

Already have your own staff and are willing to invest in a new Accounting system. We have been using Dexter and Chaney’s Spectrum Accounting system for over 15 years. Let us assist you in determining if it will work for you.

Payroll services

We keep up with all the rules and regulations. We can set up your employees for direct deposit (bank fees may apply), process tax deposits, and process quarterly and yearly reports. We can input your payroll data for you, set you up to remotely enter it or even import the data from a spreadsheet or other time tracking system.

Equipment Management

Have the capability to charge equipment to a job and track your profit for each piece of equipment. Track all costs associated with individual pieces of equipment as well as all revenue generated through the use, or rental to outside parties. Assign an hourly billing rate for each piece of equipment, but yet have the ability to adjust that rate by job or project. Multiple rental rate schedules can be applied to a piece of equipment. Equipment maintenance schedules can be generated in order to ensure proper maintenance as well as track repair history.

Invoice Approval

Allow your invoices to be reviewed by appropriate staff without the risk of papers being shuffled between locations and possible lost. All the invoices come to us for entry and scanning, but you review and code them appropriately. Email notifications can be set up to alert you of pending invoices.


Jill Hansen

IT Manager

  • Over 20 years working in Information Technology
  • 5 years experience as Project Leader—managing system conversions
  • Last 10 years of experience in Construction Industry
  • 40 years of living in a Construction Family

Email: jillhansen@div-it.com

Susan Michel

Business Coordinator

  • Over 20 years Business Office Experience
  • Proficient in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Cash Management
  • 10 years of experience in Construction Accounting

Email: susanmichel@div-it.com

Other Staff Resources

  • Current staff all with over 15 years of Business Office Experience
  • Experience in Payroll and Construction Employment Issues
  • Over 15 years of Experience using Construction specific Accounting System
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